"It's in the cracks that the light gets in."- Leonard Cohen

It was a gray-ish morning in San Antonio. It's been dry and warm and there's a promise of rain, so it's windy and weird outside.
I had a hospital visitation to make and then I drove across to visit an exceptional young woman; and the weather just put me in a different place, emotionally. For whatever reason I begin to think back and reflect. Whenever I do that I can often see my life as a series of mistakes; one glitch after another. If I'm not careful I can get stuck there. But it's an odd thing, as I think back about the people who have shared life with me, I remember nothing but good things about them. 
As my mind was chronicling every misstep in my life I remembered words from the mystic, Rumi which said, "The wound is where the light enters". Similar words are also expressed by the poet, singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, "It's in the cracks that the light gets in."
Those mistakes I remember sometimes act like wounds, and some wounds are slow to heal- others never do. But I remembered the words of Rumi, "The wound is where the light enters"; its from his poem, Childhood Friends. Rumi was a Muslim, my perspective on life is Christian, but there is wisdom in his words. 
From my perspective, it is in our brokenness that God's light can shine into our lives. Wounds are exposed to daylight to heal, perhaps the cracks in our lives allow light in for healing. Cracks also show where healing has taken place. 
I'm wondering if those people with more cracks have more compassion- because they realize the fragile-ness of us all. Cracks show pain, mistakes made, poor judgments...repaired cracks show how life has been put back together again. 
If you look at your life and find it in pieces, the Potter will gladly piece things back. If you look at your life and see a life full of cracks that have been glued (somehow) back together, I hope you also see the hand of God who put things together again.