Questioning God

This coming Sunday in worship we will hear the story about the raising of Lazarus by Jesus. For those unfamiliar with this story, Lazarus, and his sisters Mary & Martha, are close friends of Jesus. Jesus is told that Lazarus is dying and Jesus takes his time getting to Lazarus, and in the mean time Lazarus dies. 
There's a lot to this story that I may think through some other time but what caught my attention is Mary's response to Jesus when he finally shows up. Mary comes to Jesus and says, "If you would have been here my brother would not have died." When this passage is read in various churches this Sunday, I think the pain, the anger in Mary's voice will be missing. 
I remember calling my sister and telling her that our father had died. Forty plus years later I can still hear her cry, "Willy, oh no", and I can still feel the emotions. Do we have the right to get mad at God? Do we have the right to ask God the hard questions? 
Some well meaning Christians night say, It's God's will or they may ask- Who are we to question God?
I'm not sure about the word, "right" but I think we do have permission to hurt and grieve, and to question. Life, all too often, is unfair and I don't have answers for the unfairness. Why one child lives but another dies is beyond my understanding. Why one person survives cancer but another succumbs, I have no clue. Some things I don't understand and I can't rationalize. What I do know is that sometimes life hurts, and sometimes life isn't fair.
It's in moments of pain and grief that I have a decision to make- what will I do now?
I think we are allowed to hurt and grieve and get angry and ask a ton of questions, but then I choose to have faith that God will get me through this and on the other side, perhaps I'll have a better understanding or appreciation of life, death, and myself. As a Christian, I believe that on the other side is resurrection.
Wherever you might be in life, whatever stage of joy or grief- there's always resurrection- and getting there can hurt, but getting there is hope.