The recent Oregon shootings and the, "end of days".

Growing up in a Southern Baptist Church I heard a lot about the, "end of days" when God would come and take his chosen up in a cloud and, essentially, "nuke" everything else. And so the idea was to introduce everyone in the world to Jesus so that God could then fairly judge everyone. We would read the book of Revelation to see what world events corresponded to the signs in Revelation, and prepare our souls for paradise. 
This looking for the end times and hoping for the end times is as old as Christianity itself. Over the centuries various sects of Christianity have predicted and declared the day of God's final judgment. Most recently, an online Christian group says that today will be the day the God comes, so this posting may not make it!? But it's a fair question- Why doesn't God put an end to the insanity of this place and start all over? I think the answer is, God's not going to let us off the hook that easily.
Recently in Oregon there was another mass assassination of people, like there was in Charleston and Sandy Hook and Aurora and Columbine and any number of places that I forgot to mention. You add to that the murdering going weekly in cities and the slaughter of innocents in wars around the globe and- it's enough to make one an atheist. WHY DOESN'T GOD DO SOMETHING? And God would ask us the same question- Why don't "you" do something. 
Violence is easy, peace is hard; revenge takes little effort, forgiveness takes work, sometimes hard work- and it begins with us; the anger in our hearts that leads to violence (violence towards another in thought, word and deed) and the desire for revenge that interferes with our ability to forgive.
At it's best, religion gives us a place to start work on ourselves, finding peace within ourselves and letting things go that don't really matter. Quite a while ago I read a poster that said, "Don't sweat the small stuff...and it's all small stuff." My Christian tradition reminds me that this my Father's world and I am but a guest; just another guest in a lineage that goes back thousands of years into the past and thousands of years yet to be born. And so I wonder what my "footprint" will be. Will my footprint reveal violence or compassion?
Violence is as old as the human race, but so is grace. Anger and hatred is part of who we are, and so is love and compassion. It's the decisions that I make that choose my life's path, that makes a difference. The first step, for me, is to seek God's peace.
I hope and pray that you that God gives you the insight to make the right decisions for your life.