Mary did you know?

I tried to make a link to Youtube and "Mary Did You Know" and it's not working so...go to Youtube, type in, Mary Did You Know, there are many renditions- listen to the words.

This is a great tune, the tune is haunting and the words make one think- Mary did you know?

Much of what we read about Mary are her reflections as an adult but it makes you wonder- what did she see in him? He must have "seen" the world differently than others, asked different questions, pursued different interests. I wonder how many times the local Rabbi just shook is head in frustration and how many times his father felt like a a failure as a father- "This kid is no carpenter"? What was Jesus childhood like? Maybe Mary was oblivious to the whole thing and didn't put it together until later in life.

From a Christian perspective, the same question can be asked, Did you know? Did you know that in Jesus of Nazareth the presence of God can be experienced? Did you know that in Jesus the Christ the true peace of God can be experienced? Did you know that in Christ a person can find meaning and purpose to life? Sometimes we don't put things like this together until later in life. Fortunately God is a patient God, he is gracious and merciful- abounding in love. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.