The Kingdom of God, can it really be that simple?

In our worship we are currently spending a lot of time in St. Mark's account of Jesus' life, and there's a lot of talk about the Kingdom of God.

In the various accounts of Jesus' life there are many healings: people possessed, people with crippled hands or legs, people who are blind, dead or near dead. Hundreds of trees have been cut down and even more books have been written to explain or explain away these healings; but I think there's a deeper meaning behind the healings.

People who were sick or had skin issues or experienced convulsions or whatever, were removed from family, friends, and community for the good of family, friends, and community. In 2014 we quarantined people with Ebola and we're currently trying to figure out how to deal with the spread of measles. We separate people with some health issues from the general public for the public good. Recovering or being healed from an illness means that we can go home to family and friends, we can feel the touch of another human. When Jesus healed people, he told them to go home to their families.

Home is important. The Patriarch, Abraham, was called to make a home for the people who would become the nation of the Jews. When the children of Abraham were slaves in Egypt, they wanted to go home. When the Jews were slaves in Babylon they wanted to go home. In 1948 the state of Israel was formed to give the Jews a "home".

When Jesus healed people he told them to go home, they were healed, they were forgiven, So is it possible, that the kingdom of God is about coming home? Can it be that simple? Can it be that this simple message has been complicated by well intentioned denominations? As much as Jesus was healing people, could he also have been inviting people to come home? Come home to the place that God has prepared? I'll share some more thoughts about coming home in another post.

What inspired these thoughts was Skyler Grey's song, Coming Home.