We all need it in some form or another. For some it's a few friends, for others it's a mass gathering. This passed Sunday I wasn't in worship, I was running a 5K, and I was part of community. There was a community of runners and walkers, the professionals and those a little slower. Most of us didn't know each other, but we met someone who had a similar interest. From all over, we became- community.

The weather was wet and got wetter; we grumbled and laughed, made stupid jokes and struggled through. Eventually we all made it to the end, the finish line. Some of the runners rushed over to see their running time, many of us had enough grief with the drizzle and rain. And we were community.

I think church is supposed to be about community. Where people who have a similar interest can come together and share life, talk about kids & grandkids, share aches and pains, remember old times and make new memories. The common interest of church communities should be a love for God and a desire to make the world a better place. Not to condemn the world for not living "holy lives", but rather accept the world as being created in God's image, as we all are.

I hope your community gives you a sense of peace and purpose.