Thin Places

In Celtic spirituality, "A thin place is where the veil that separates heaven and earth is lifted and one is able to receive a glimpse of the glory of God."

In this blog is a link to a YouTube about a choir in a library who in, organized spontaneity burst into song. The lyrics translated are:

Those who pray, they are blessed,
Jesus said himself,
Those who pray, they are peaceful,
Jesus said himself,
Those who pray, they are happy,...
Jesus said himself,
Those who pray, they are wholesome,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah´╗┐

I think what happened in that library is a "thin place". People, in a library, were doing life- they were reading; some were studying, perhaps others were doing some casual reading. Unexpectedly the room begins to sing. "What's going on?", some may wonder. "How rude, this is a library", would be an appropriate response. But the music will not be silenced. Others were amused, some curious, but some had a break that they needed and, perhaps, in some way their soul was nourished- just for a moment. The music builds as voices are added to a crescendo where it seems as though the books themselves were singing: the person behind them, above them...and the kingdom of God came near to them in song. And then it disappears as it came, and we go back to living life.

It seems to me that's the Kingdom of God. From time to time we are allowed to experience something that takes us to another place, a thin place- if we let it. Sometimes the Kingdom of God can be an irritant, inconvenient, inconsiderate. But it can also be nourishing and refreshing; food for the soul. I wonder if we're too busy or focused on other stuff that we just miss it.

I hope and wish for you a spontaneous experience that takes you to a thin place.