A Ray of Light in a Cloudy Sky

As I watch the events in Baltimore, I was saddened but I was also inspired. I was inspired by a ray of light in a dark atmosphere, the folks standing between the police and the crowd which had some who wanted to harm the police. In the time of Jesus there was brutality worse than we can imagine and there were those who committed acts of violence against the Romans, but Jesus took the path of peace. Mahatma Ghandi lived in a culture of oppression and experienced the massacre of  innocents. While some championed violence he chose the path of peace. Monday in Baltimore there were Black and white; Christian, Jew, and Muslim; male and female standing arm in arm- a buffer between those who are sworn to protect and those who swear they will destroy. They chose a path of peace. It is in our nature to hate; it is in our faith we are called to peace.