What Are We Waiting for?

Recently in central Texas, and in the Houston area, there has been "historic" flooding. In these floods there have been stories of rescue, of heroism, and tragedy. In one heart breaking account of the flooding in Hays County, a woman (who was vacationing along the river with her two children) called her sister and said something to the affect, "I'm in a house and we're floating down the river. Call mom and dad and tell them-- 'I love you'. Pray for us." Currently there's no sign of the woman or her two young children. That story has been with me since I first heard it and it reminded me of something I heard many, many years ago:

If you had 5 minutes to live, who would you call, what is it you would say.......what are you waiting for.

For many of us, life is too short and there's much to say but for whatever reason we put it off...and I wonder why. Jesus knew he was going to die and he spent time with his disciples, talking and living life. And I'm not trying to be morbid by focusing on death; I am asking about being with people. What might happen if we took 2 minutes to send a random FB message, PM, or whatever to someone? What might our life look like, what might their life look like and what are we waiting for?