Living Simultaneously and Confusingly in Two Worlds

As I get older I find that I'm more reflective. Perhaps, with my children now being adults, I have more time on my hands or, perhaps, that's what older people do. For some reason I've been thinking about living in two worlds; an idea not original to me but is centuries old.

In one world the focus is on the material; what I have and how I can get more. It seems as though this world centers around ego. The ads in the media ask why we drive old cars and live in old houses. It's almost like we drive down the street and people take pity on us because we drive such an old car or, we walk down the street and people shake in theirs heads in disbelief because we're wearing last year's fashions. In a material world what we have is never enough and we always anticipate the, "new": new psychology, new leader, new understanding. But we have to live in this world because it's real: we can see it, feel it, touch it. But there is, at least, one more world.

In a spiritual world it seems as though there's less focus on time and more on timelessness, less attention on getting and more on receiving. Getting to a destination is not a matter of speed but of wonderment, seeing the sights along the way, enjoying a conversation. In a spiritual world it's not so much, "how much can I learn and how soon" but, rather, "in time I will learn what I'm able to accept, I'll know what I need to know when I need to know it". This world doesn't pay the bills or feed an empty belly- and that's important. But it does feed the soul, which is equally important...I think.

At any given time the fortunate ones weave their lives between and betwixt these two worlds.