Black and White

When I was much younger I lived in a black and white world and life was simpler- so I thought. There were no 50 shades of gray; right was right and wrong was wrong. Even in the movies, good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black hats; there were few exceptions. Life made sense in my protected world. Somewhere along the line I started to grow up, venture out of my world to encounter others. I was finding out that life was not simple, things were not always black and white; there was a lot of gray, which I can best describe as confusion.
I think for some the confusion of life causes them to "tune out" and just live it. For others the confusion can lead to a lifetime of bewilderment/discouragement or exploration/newness; neither is the correct way and both have their advantages.
Looking back, life has never been simple, my parents protected me from the more unpleasant things and people really don't wear hats anymore. What to do?
Jesus says, "I am the way..." In the confusion of life, the hectic days we make for ourselves, the uncertainties of the future, the hurts from the past, and the chaos of the present- what Jesus said to his original followers he says to us, "follow me".
To me, that means to be compassionate instead of combative; forgiving instead of angry, to face my sinfulness and worry a little less about others' misbehaviors, to be generous with my life realizing that what I have has been entrusted to me by God.
Following Jesus is a lifelong journey that begins new everyday.