When is enough, "enough"?

I was reading the passage from Exodus in which the children of Abraham were complaining about the lack of restaurants in Sinai; but let me back up.
Abraham's descendants were slaves in Egypt and they prayed for a deliverer- God sent Moses to not only deliver them from slavery but to also take them home. In time they were set free but to get "home" they had to go through the desert of Sinai and here's where I started this post.
The former slaves were hungry and they cried out for food and there appeared a type of food on the ground that they did not recognize so they asked, What is it? (In Hebrew "what is it" is one word- manna.) They were told to collect enough manna for one day (except Fridays but that's another story). If they collected too much it went sour, they only needed enough for one day; reminds me of the "Lord's Prayer"- give us this day our daily bread.
These wanderers had to learn when enough was enough and that part of life was trusting God, which some call faith.
Contrast this with our society in which enough is never enough. For example, we throw away for food in a month than some people in other parts of the world eat in a year. It seems as though we work more hours to make more money to buy more things and I just wonder- when is enough- "enough"? When will my, "daily bread" be sufficient?
The manna provided these travelers food for their entire journey and my guess is that they learned to trust that God provides. My hope is that one day we learn that have enough, that God always provides...I think it's called faith.