Years ago, during my years in seminary, I worked at a local hospital doing pastoral care. One very late night I received a call to come to the hospital for an emergency. Those are not good calls to get. I arrived to find a man sitting by himself in a waiting room, his wife had just died. We sat and at times we talked, but mainly we just sat. I walked him out to the parking garage and watched him walk to his car and I can still remember standing in that eerie silence, quietly punctuated by his steps- thinking, "He came here with his wife and now he going home to an empty house, an empty bed." A member of Hope recently died and my thoughts went for her sister, the last living member of that family and she finds herself alone. There will be cousins and friends but her mom & dad, her sister...all gone. 
We were not created in be alone, we were created in to in relationship- preferably a good one. It's interesting how many people find themselves alone with multiple "friends" on Facebook and instant communications to anyone, anywhere; that in an overcrowded world we can find ourselves by ourselves. Congregations should be a place in which we can have relationships but I know that not all congregations nurture relationships and for that I am sorry. We hear people talk about a relationship with God, but it's a fair question to ask, "what does that mean?"
I hope that you have a community or will seek out a community who cares for you and accepts you for who God has created you to be, a community who withhold judgement and affirm you for who you are.