Since November, I've dealt with one minor health issue after another. I'm not used to that. I'm used to my body doing what it's supposed to do and allowing me to live the life I want to live. But there were allergy issues, then stomach issues, and now kidney stones. And not only the health issues but the medication prescribed to help deal with these issues have made me much more aware of how I have taken my body, my eating & sleeping habits for granted for too many years. I guess it has taken a string of issues to get my attention; and I wonder if it's a similar thing with our relationship to God.

How many days, months, or years do we take our relationship with God for granted? Not paying much attention to it, not nourishing it, and then one day our world starts to change- a broken relationship (divorce, break-up, losing a job, possibly a death), an illness (our own or someone significant to us), things we need to make sense out of life are shattered, and we find ourselves (like I did) curled up on the couch, covered with a blanket, cold and hurting, wondering- "what is going on?"

As I said, these are minor health issues that are being dealt with and in a couple of weeks things should be much better, but have I learned anything? Yes, and I'll make some lifestyle adjustments. I'll make the adjustments because I don't want things to get worse and repeat what I just went through.

How bad do things need to get before we make adjustments in our relationship to God? How many sleepless nights or painful days do we need to spend curled up on some metaphorical couch somewhere? I don't know that God has the answers (because I'm not sure we know what the questions are) but I do think that God helps to put things in perspective and I think that God can give us a peace of mind that allows God's Spirit to offer us rest and some clarity of thought.

Physically, mentally, spiritually--sometimes we ignore things, or we're going to be a little carefree about life, and there are those times in which life just catches up with us- and we find ourselves "out of sorts". Times such as these are times to reflect and renew and in a sense, these times can become times of blessings.

I hope you're well.