New Beginnings

Easter and the time around Easter can be a time for new beginnings. There’s new growth on the trees & flowers (lest we don’t pay attention, our allergies remind us), for some there’s new relationships, for graduating kids there’s new challenges (college or career), and so on.

The first Easter was a new beginning. In St. John’s account of Jesus’ resurrection, Mary Magdalene tries to grab hold of the resurrected Jesus but Jesus says, “Don’t hold onto to me.” In a sense, the old has passed and things have changed- it’s a new beginning for Mary and the rest of the disciples.

In my Lutheran religious tradition, every Sunday is a celebration of Easter, every Sunday is a new beginning- a chance to start over, some might call it a, “do over”. “Do overs” are possible because God is a God of second chances; that’s what is called, “unconditional love”.

Actually, second chances are available anytime, any day- it’s called prayer, reaching out to God or each other and saying, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”. People have a hard time forgiving, especially forgiving ourselves, but God is a God of compassion and forgiveness.

I hope you have a blessed Easter, if you need it- a new beginning. And I hope you have a place at which you can celebrate Easter weekly. Celebrating Easter and new beginnings once a year is a bummer.