"I had... an experience. I can't prove it. I can't even explain it. All I can tell you is that everything I know as a human being, everything I am -- tells me that it was real. I was given something wonderful. Something that changed me. A vision of the universe that made it overwhelmingly clear just how tiny and insignificant -- and at the same time how rare and precious we all are. A vision... that tells us we belong to something greater than ourselves... that we're not – that none of us -- is alone. I wish I could share it. I wish everyone, if only for a moment -- could feel that sense of awe, and humility... and hope. That continues to be my wish."

This quote is from a book that was made into one of my favorite movies. To me this quote summarizes Moses on Sinai with God, Paul on the road to Damascus.

Religious experiences are exactly that, an experience. For just a moment, or maybe a lifetime, we sense something and that something changes us. St. Paul had an experience on his road to Damascus that changed his life forever, a woman caught in adultery had an experience of forgiveness with Jesus.

In these experiences, if just for a moment, we see life in a different light; we see how incredible and vast God’s creation is but we are also aware of how small we can seem in the bigger picture of things. It’s easy to get lost. This “smallness” can be overwhelming at times but what gets us through it all is the presence of others, even if it’s just one person, and the presence of God in our life.


When “church” is done correctly, the vastness of space is manageable by community, we’re not alone. I hope you have a community who accepts you and is willing to journey though the vastness of life with you.