The Privilege and the Problem

The Bible tells the story that on the evening of the Resurrection of Jesus, two followers of Jesus were walking on a road to Emmaus. On their journey they were sharing life and grief.

Sometimes we might find ourselves on a journey to Emmaus with a friend, or maybe someone who just came into our lives. On this journey they might talk about life, maybe even share their pain- and there's the Privilege and the problem.

The privilege is that someone is entrusting us with their deepest hurts, taking us to a place in their lives that few people are allowed, in a sense- pouring their hearts out; it's almost a sacred trust. The problem is that sometimes we feel like we need to, "save" them with wise words or cute comments. Sometimes people just need to talk, maybe that's why people spend time talking to their pets.

Part of the religious journey is to share each other's burdens, maybe that means just listening; not taking on the problem ourselves, not tying to fix anything, not offering sage words- just listen. At it's best, that's what Church does and that's what religious people do.

If you find yourself with a companion who needs to talk, I hope you can listen and if you're alone on your, "road to Emmaus", I hope you find a companion, someone with whom you can share your hurts.